Welcome To The Number 1 Hits!

The Number 1 Hits is an on-going project with additions and changes very often. What I intend to do with this site is play the greatest songs of all time, those that hit the number 1 position and there are many songs that fit that bill. I started with the year 1955 because that is the year that is considered the birth of Rock ‘N Roll. Prior to 1955 the charts were mostly made up of what we called “crooners” both male and female. There weren’t too many groups or bands making hits up to that point, unless you consider Les Brown & His Band Of Renown and Jimmy Dorsey as a group. Most of the artists’ were single acts like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, Perry Como, etc. But in 1955, the music world was about to be shaken to its core!

It actually started around the middle of 1954. Vocal groups started popping up on the charts. Sure there were vocal groups like the Lennon Sisters, the McGuire Sisters and the Ames Brothers already making hits but the new groups brought a different type of music. It was a whole new style. And the kids just loved it!

That is where I chose to start my programs because that change sent the music world into a spin that eventually shot off into so many sub-genre’s that it’s almost impossible to keep up with! But I think it’s a fair statement to say that just about every style of music that is popular today would not be here if it were not for those people who brought a different kind of music for us to listen to, dance to, hold that someone special close to or kick our legs about and jump up and down and swing your arms around to.

So I decided I wanted to bring those songs and their beginnings to you, tell you a little something about the songs and let you hear some fun things direct from the artists who made the songs.

It all started in 1955, but where will it end?

So, sign up and take a musical walk with me through the number 1 hits from 1955 to ????

If you had anything to do with the making of any of the music featured here (musician, producer, writer, engineer, etc.) and would like to be interviewed for this site, please contact me.

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